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Featuring DELSIN

Delsin Records celebrate an incredible 100 releases with a run of five limited EPs featuring various artists. Seventeen years on from their first release, the label has pushed quality music from the likes of Hush House favourites Redshape and Mike Dehnert.

The first limited 12" comes in transparent white, and kicks off with 'Fighting the Blind Man', a driving but spacious effort from Manchester's Claro Intelecto. Up next, Gerry Read provides a scuffed cut of house titled 'Granny Bag', featuring flangey synths and bustling percussion. In keeping with the atmospheric but dancefloor prepped theme, Siberia's Unbroken Dub offers the machine workout 'Spacing', with thick synth chords and prominent drums.

All five EPs can be bought as part of a boxset, and future contributors to the series include Delta Funktionen, John Beltran, Conforce and Herva.

100 DSR/VAR 1 – Claro Intelecto / Gerry Read / Unbroken Dub [Delsin]

Check out Delsin's vast back catalogue of amazing music, and buy the limited 12" at Juno.

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