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For a long time already, Instra:mental have needed no introduction. Despite having upset the odd drum 'n' bass purist with their most recent output, here at Hush the shift down in tempo and the emergence of both the Boddika and Jon Convex aliases have made us excited at every turn.

Now, right off the back of Jon Convex's solo work on the label, 3024-015 will see the release of 'Pyramid', a dub from the duo that has been flying around on radio shows and podcasts for a few months now. The sheer industrial sound that these boys create using their hardware never fails to decimate a dancefloor and this track is no exception. An acid line rolls through with deadly precision, whilst the drum programming, brilliantly emphasising the peaks and troughs, sends a shiver down your spine. It seems that as the solo work produced by these guys ever increases in its quality, the tunes they make together will excel even further.

The youtube clip cannot really do the track justice without the second drop so make sure you keep an eye out here to grab it at the first oppurtunity!

On the flip is a track by Trevino entitled 'Clip'. It features similar dark tones but on a slightly more garage tip. As to who is behind it, you know as much as we do at the moment. We have a sneaky feeling it might be Martyn...

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