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Introducing KOMMUNE1

Kommune1 got in touch back in November but after a lot of slacking on our behalf we've sorted a few questions which will hopefully ground his name in your memory. His productions come out in a variety of flavours but all with an strong emphasis on getting the dancefloor moving. This is his latest and also our favourite...

Riddim Riddim - Kommune1

Where are you based, how old are you and what do you do when you're not making music?

I'm from MIddlesbrough originally but currently residing in Scunthorpe. I’m 23 and when I’m not making music I’m mixing, cooking or reading Irvine Welsh.

How did you get into making electronic dance music? Where do you get your influences?

At the back end of the 90s, when I was between the age of 10-12 I was massively into the trance scene but during the early 2000s I found myself getting into Garage and House. The guitar was my initial instrument but when I started a band in 2004, I saved up for the whole summer working a shitty kitchen job to buy a microKORG. Getting into synthesizers and synthesis at that time merged together with my newfound love for the older types of electronic music I found myself listening to stuff from the 70s and 80s. I was blown away as it sounded so futuristic for when it was released. Then Ableton came into my life (about a year and a half ago) during my degree in music tech and I started making a proper effort making music by myself. Ever since I've just been improving my mixing and production whilst thinking outside the box generally.

My main influences would have to be; Kraftwerk, Afrika Bambaataa, FaltyDL, Derrick May, Steve Reich, Zed Bias, Prince, Harmonic 313, and just about everything released on Trax Records.

Communiques for Tape - Kommune1

What are your plans for releases?

At the minute I’m just building up a fan base, sending music to DJs and getting in touch with blogs to try and boost my persona. Hopefully it won’t be too soon before I get my first release, but up until then, I’m just going to keep making tracks and sending them to the people in the know.

Who's been supporting your tracks?

I've had support from Blawan, Brackles, Pariah, Dark Sky, Ben UFO off the top of my head, and a few DJs who have shows on Sub FM and Nasty FM.

Favourite artist/s at the moment?

Difficult question to answer but I’m really liking the new Clark track ‘Baskerville Grinch’, the Hessle Audio ‘116 & Rising’ collection is all killer, Addison Groove is releasing some cracking EPs and Blawan’s ‘Getting Me Down’ is probably my tune of the year thus far.

We hope it's only onwards and upwards from here. He's been kind enough to offer a track to you readers, a track that you can't find anywhere else on the internet as yet; on a similar vibe to some of Midland's tracks...

Moving On (Mvt. 1 & 2) - Kommune1 [exclusive download]

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