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Introducing JOSH H

A recent bit of internet trawling came to fruition when I stumbled across Wiltshire based producer, Josh H on xlr8r. His forthcoming 'Every Day EP' on Wicked Bass displays some eclectic influences which combine to create an innovative style. It manages to feel soulful, deep and vintage at the same time as having something undeniably current in its delivery. Check out the preview below.

'Every Day' has gentle guitar work and reggae style vocals that give it a classic feel, while Walton's remix packs the percussion more densely for more tribalistic tones. Hackman delivers a superb remix of Josh's track 'Pooch', which shimmers in a blaze of summery synths.

Every Day EP - Josh H

This freebie comes from the EP's opener, 'Rainbow', which takes classic analogue synths and adds some piercing stabs and a thoughtful vocal which creates a really interesting piece of music.

Rainbow - Josh H

Keep an eye out for this in shops, it's due to drop next month.

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