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Featuring MOSCA

Tom Reid, also known as Mosca should need no introduction to any bass music listener. 2010 was a massive year with a string of stellar releases. First off ‘Square One EP’ dropped as Night Slugs' debut, then came the ridiculous remix of T Williams’ ‘Heartbeat’, which is still one of our favourite tracks and December finished off the year with the infamous ‘Tilt Shift’ and unmistakable grimey rework of C.R.S.T’s ‘Dance’.

Tom, tell us a little about what you’ve been up to recently - Bruk Magazine seems to have taken a backseat this year so I guess you’ve been busy...

Nothing but production and raves. If you come hear me at a dance I'll be playing about 10 new tracks of mine and counting...

Your productions have huge grime influences mashed with a load of other styles. How do you go about making a tune, where do you start?

Normally I make stuff aimed at a particular label so that defines a lot of it - Night Slugs aren't gunna put out a dancehall record you know? Nowadays I have more of an idea of how I want a tune to sound, but I'm still open and I still scrap huge chunks or whole tracks if they're not 100% right.

Heartbeat (Mosca Remix) - T Williams

Someone said to me you produce with just headphones and no midi keyboard – is this true?

It was until about January. Since then I've got monitors and a keyboard. I still think it's a good idea to listen on headphones/laptop/phone because that's how a lot of people will be listening to your tunes. But the monitors are obviously great for space and bass in your music.

How did the Four Tet remix come about?

He went: Mosca, would you like to remix my tune? I went: Four Tet, yes.

Haha - as simple as that. If you were offered the chance to collaborate with anyone; vocalist, producer etc, who would you choose?

Probably Kartel or Mavado. In terms of producers maybe Karizma, Kerri Chandler, a big name like that I'm not just gunna bump into at a rave.

What’s coming next in terms of releases? Is there an album planned for anytime in the near future?

Next up is a release on Numbers, two garage/bassline bangers called 'Done Me Wrong' and 'Bax'. Then I'll have some rugged kinda techno stuff on 3024 as well as loads of house, bashment, grime, and some more Square One type sounds, whatever u like to call that style. A couple of collabs I'm excited about as well. No album yet... I don't feel people know what Mosca's about yet, but when the time comes I'll see what I can do. It would be a weird album though, soulful house next to dancehall next to more experimental stuff and all that...

If one types in ‘nike mosca juno’ to Google, the second link is a mediafire download, above the two Juno links – how do you feel about the whole internet sharing etc? Is it something producers just have to accept these days? Why should they?!

I'm fine with it really. You've done it, I've done it. A lot of the time it's when people in a certain country can't access the music legally. People have this preconception of the internet being global therefore what they can buy online, other people can buy online. But it doesn't work like that. If your music is being shared on say, a Russian site, and you get some new fans and a couple of raves in Russia, you're sorted anyway. I don't rate people who don't ever spend money on music, but what we in the music industry need to understand is that not everyone is as passionately into music as we are! Some people can take it or leave it so ask yourself would you rather they listen to your record or not, cos that's what it comes down to.

Which new producers are on your watch list?


You recently played in Mint Club in Leeds at Bigger Than Barry. Mint is up there with one of our favourite clubs to play in - do you have a favourite?

Yeh Leeds was hectic. But I always say as long as the sound is decent, then the rest of it is all made by the crowd. If you play a superclub but nobody's vibezing then the night's a flop. Any club can be legendary provided it sounds good, reasonable prices etc and the crowd are on it. But Plastic People is up there for me.

Tilt Shift - Mosca

You’re playing Glade Festival this year 10-12 June on Motion’s BETA stage. What other festivals are you making an appearance at?

I'll be in Croatia three times over the summer for Electric Elephant, Outlook and Stop Making Sense, as well as Secret Garden Party in the UK and maybe some more to be confirmed.

Thank you for your time.

Make sure to keep track of Mosca’s movements on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

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