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Featuring KAHN

"My name is Joseph McGann and I’m from Bristol. Music has been my life force since I was a child and I’ve been lucky enough to have a diverse musical upbringing. Most of my time is spent making music and performing. I chose the name Kahn because I like the word."

Kahn is moving onwards and upwards rapidly with a wide range of different sounds to his name. Having seen the name cropping up all over the place we decided the soundcloud needed investigating. The music on there is brilliant and as his productions skills improve we can only recommend you track his output closely.

You & I (Kahn Remix) - J a b u

He delivers a near perfect remix of Poly Styrene's 'Black Christmas' which is available here along with a slightly weaker re-work of Floetry. Both sit within the Dubstep formula but are rammed full of layers, fills, harmonies, melodies, atmospherics etc to take them somewhere fresh.

Black Christmas (Kahn Remix) - Poly Styrene [RUDEEE]

Say Yes (Kahn Remix) - Floetry

He had his debut release out on Punch Drunk in February this year, check our favourite of the two tracks...

Like We Used To - Kahn

He recently was in the hot seat with Sonic Router, check the mix and interview here. Lastly, showcasing his diversity, this one's on a grimey tip.

Duppy & Leave (Kahn Remix) - M.I.K

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