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Here we have a split mix from the Canadian/American duo, HxdB and Distal, something we’ve not done before. HxdB has been on the radar for a while and his productions have been steadily getting better and better. When the pair teamed up for the first time, the result was fantastic. The release came out on Surefure Sound and we have one of the tracks available to download here...

Typewriter Tune – HxdB & Distal

They have a release coming out on Tectonic as well as many of their individual productions forthcoming on various labels. You might notice the last track Distal has collaborated with the Juke head honcho, DJ Rashad – big!

This mix is full of tunes you won’t have heard before, interesting music, plenty of bleeps and bass, all with a noticeable American influence. It’s download time!


Part 1 - HxdB
01. HxdB - Savage Pets [forthcoming Brownswood]
02. Clicks & Whistes - Sea Breeze [dub]
03. Cosmic Revenge - Late Nights (Kastle Remix) [dub]
04. Distal & HxdB - Booyant [forthcoming Tectonic]
05. Magnum - Schemes [forthcoming Gradient Audio]
06. Sclist - V [forthcoming Gradient Audio]
07. HxdB & Self Evident - Hoof Hearted [dub]
08. Resketch - Good for You [forthcoming Inhale Audio]
09. XI - Vauxhall Vortex [dub]
10. B1t Crunch3r vs Gravity - Malfunction (HxdB Remix) [Gradient Audio]
11. Sleepyhead & Sonkin - Pinners [dub]
12. Hodge - Red Temple [dub]

Part 2 - Distal
01. Distal - Monroe [dub]
02. Acre - Drug Tank [dub]
03. Richelle - Mascotte [Pelican Fly]
04. Distal - Short & Sweet [dub]
05. Pangaea - Won't Hurt [Hessle]
06. I.D. & Skinnz - The Most High [Earwax]
07. Kromestar - Sweet Nightmares [forthcoming Dubstar]
08. Machinedrum - U Don't Survive [dub]
09. DJ Heavy D - Philly Soul Strings [Ghettophiles]
10. DJ Manny - Whateva [Ghettophiles]
11. Jody Breeze - Synth Tests [Ghettophiles]
12. Distal & DJ Rashad - Stuck Up Money [dub]

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