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This time we've got none other than Hackman, who in our eyes, has been one of the most exciting producers this year. He first grabbed our attention on Fabric's 'Elevator Music' at the end of last year although after doing some research I'm sure I've heard his 'Loophole', which was out in the middle of '09, a fair few times (or is it just that sample?). This early release was fairly different, more Dubstep based but you can see how his sound has developed to where it's at today - breaking the all Garage/Funky/House boundaries. It was the PTN release which put him properly on the radar, this was soon followed up by the massive 'Bodies' on Well Rounded Records. If you haven't checked either of these, go do so here. His latest remix duty for Senseless Records has been made available for free, check it below...

Night Game (Hackman Remix) - The Phantom

Forthcoming material sees another release on PTN early next year as well as bits on a few other big labels. He has plenty more bookings lined up so get this on the download for a little flavour of what to expect.


01. El Sudor - Hermit [dub]
02. DJ Dom - Computer Love [PTN]
03. Arkist - I Couldn't Possibly [Immerse]
04. Jera - Another One [dub]
05. Hackman - Semibreves [dub]
06. MJ Cole & Wiley - Angel Riddim [Prolific]
07. Norrit - N Gbekinho [Party Guy Records]
08. Justin Martin & Ardalan - Mr Spock [Dirtybird]
09. Julio Bashmore - Battle For Middle You [PMR]
10. Clicks & Whistles - When I Feel [Party Guy Records]
11. C.R.S.T - Roulette [Ten Thousand Yen]
12. The Phantom - Night Game (Hackman Remix) [Senseless]
13. VVV - Falling Low [dub]
14. Didz & Chicho - Something New [Ten Thousand Yen]

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