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Leeds is Mint.

Thought I would give you lot a little update as to why your download folders are lacking the normal Hush House treatment. Last week we were lucky enough to spend a few days in Leeds - renowned for it's big line ups, nocturnal lifestyle and wild house parties. Many students try to succeed but struggle to juggle their work and playtime - especially with this disgusting Mephedrone epidemic which seems to be invading cities at present. There were even flyers under windscreen wipers and through letterboxes. Call this number for meow meow!

Anyway we played Bigger Than Barry at Mint Lounge on Tuesday which is one of my favourite clubs I've been to. Probably second to Cable but still big system and good vibes all round. Phat Pat and Pasteman filled the dancefloor with some exclusive business, Martyn smoothly made his way through some tech-house riddims and Mumdance smashed it with a variety of party orientated tracks finishing with Noisia's Machine Gun. We weren't quite what to follow with so we took it down a level with the excellent Dark Sky xx remix. From then on you'd have to have been there. Who got the t-shirt?! Out to all those who made it down.

Wednesday we ventured down to dungeon-like Wire to catch Roska mid-set followed by Doc Daneeka keepin it energetic with his funky infused garage riddims. We over-heard Roska outside covering up for the pretty terrible mixing "I moved from CDJs to Serato 3 days ago, just trying to get used to it." Thursday we headed to My House for some Boogaloo Crew medicine which then turned into a party with them back at our house. Big up to Jeuce for making it down and to the Get Hype Collective in general for doing dem tings.

Now I guess we better get back to the tunes...! Oh and, bookings through the email please.

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