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I've been looking forward to getting some more info on what's happening with Engine-EarZ since posting that video a while back. The reaction was, quite rightly so, huge! My thoughts on this new video were similar, I just couldn't stop thinking that these guys have got it down. Surely everyone has to love this?

They've been allowed to give away this remix of Basement Jaxx - I was pretty sceptical at first, the original of this track features Kelis and Chipmunk! I thought that they'd ruined themselves with some poppy Dubstep biz to reach to new levels but, that was proven wrong. They combine their original indian strings sound with drifting vocal snapshots and slam Prashant Mistry's trademark rocking Dubstep beat underneath to keep things feelin' big and spacey.

Scars (Engine-Earz Remix) - Basement Jaxx

Kaliyuga is out on the 14th December with Introspector on the flip. Big release!

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