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Introducing AUTOPILOT

Hailing from the greater Philadelphia region of southeastern Pennsylvania, Autopilot is a new name in the Dubstep scene. A self-professed fan of "melodic IDM", he aims to bring lush melodies & unique beatwork to a genre largely populated by atonal chainsaw basslines and sparse 808 drum patterns.

Hide & Seek (Autopilot Remix) - Imogen Heap [RUDEEE]

Producing music in general for almost 9 years, he's now found a home in the Dubstep community and is producing tunes frequently for his self-run "Deepstep" digital label. He works with longtime friend and musical partner Kochlear, a guitarist currently based out of Manhattan. The two have been working together on songs for as long as they've been composing their own tunes.

Remember - Autopilot
Bass Terrorist (Autopilot Remix) - Blight, FBOM, VVV

This "She Says" EP has come about from a competition posted in Dubstepforum in which people would remix the title track for prizes like a half-eaten cracker, and a picture of their likeness drawn in MS paint. The result is below and you all now know what to offer producers if you want your tune remixed. The Clueless remix has been getting support from the don of Dubstep - BunZer0.

<a href="http://autopilot.bandcamp.com/album/she-says">She Says (RDubz Rmx) by Autopilot</a>

Autopilot currently has a show on Sub FM on Sunday nights entitled Dubsomnia. The name was affectionately chosen by the regular listeners of the show. It features lots of deeper Dubstep, ambient music, IDM, and whatever tunes reside on his hard drive at the time.


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