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My style is awesome. awesome. awesome.

Blatta & Inesha have been really impressing me for a while and since I'm having a bit of a side track from Dubstep (I promise there will be more very soon) I need to give them a mention. They are tight producers with the same kinda style as Crookers, they're a lot bigger in the scene than I first thought but have been left behind a little after Day n Nite... I wish the Crookers hadn't got so big! Anyway bouncey hard techy kinda beats with lots of bass are sure to go down well in the middle of a set. The other reason for this post is we've just been dropped this brand spanking new whirrer! Check it... (oh and please play these on decent speakers otherwise you'll just think they're rubbish!)

Ain't Nuthing Ta Fuck With [RUDEEE]

Where Is It? [RUDEEE]
Blow Up (Blatta & Inesha Screwdriver Remix) [RUDEEE]

They've got lots more lovely tracks on Beatport and, having just released their latest EP with Congorock which is called "Resolution", you should probably pick that up too.

And if anyone likes Techno (I kinda like the idea of this remix but I just can't get over the boring beat) check their remix of Eminem's "Nobody Listens To Techno" on Hypem or summink.


Anonymous said...

How can all these tunes be RUDEEE. Now surely when your readers see this they won't be very excited about the fact that a tune is RUDEEE! Don't want to end up like a certain "highly recommended". Do like the tunes tho! Big up the HUSH HOUSE, Defiantly my favorite blog!

Miig said...

sorry i just got a little over excited. easily done sometimes!

glad you're liking it though and keep up with the comments like this. also don't be afraid to show your name, i hate anonymous people, they're the worst kind of people!

oh and spread the word as well if you get time...

Miig said...

oh and less of mentioning anything to do with that certain something on this blog!

wizardsarebetter said...

blatta and inesha!!!didnt think i'd ever see this over here - very nice indeed boys!!oh and that new datsik track is HEEEEEAAVAVAVAVAVVAVAVAVAAY!!!!!!fucking yes!

Miig said...