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"Hylu and Jago are now performing and producing together to create a hybrid sound that touches their audience and listeners with positivity and energy."

Hylu, from Norwich/London and Ethiopia, is an upcoming innovative artist influenced by ska, roots, reggae and dub. He is currently performing at various venues across the UK, and is working very closely with two London based promotion companies; MashedUK and Trouble Vision. In 2010, he will be releasing his highly anticipated debut album under Crossing Records.

Jago was born in London but lived in the east of the world for the last six years. He is now back in UK chanting and producing in the direction that Jah sees it fit. He is working closely with artists in several different countries as well as the UK on an album containing reggae, dub and junglist sounds. He is very enthusiastic about his music and life!

Catch both of them at the April 09 Trouble Vision playing back to back with The Boog-A-Loo Crew in the Silent Disco, for further details check the flyer in the side panel.

They’ve very kindly done us an exclusive mix for all you readers. This will take you through a range of different sounds and cultural backgrounds. Reggae to Jungle to Dubstep finishing off with a bit of Hip Hop. Stick this on in the morning and you'll be ready for the day in no time! Enjoy!


01. Willi Williams (Rhythm and Sound) – See Mi Yah (BMG)
02. Shalom (Rhythm and Sound) – We Been Troddin (BMG)
03. John Frum – January Dub (Jahtari)
04. Jimmi Screech (Trailblazers) – Your Time Is Now (Banana Klan)
05. Spectrasoul – Someday Soon (Westbay)
06. Spectrasoul – Tender Doubt (Celsius Recordings)
07. Sabre – These Simple Things (Future Thinking Records)
08. Survival – Sidewinder (DNA Audio)
09. Cardopusher – Steppin Worldwide (True Tiger) [Aretha Frankiln – Save Me (Atlantic)]
10. Sukh Knight – Cop Killer (Nasha Records)
11. F-One & Kromestar – Tek-Nik (White Label)
12. Coki – Triple Six (DMZ)
13. Distance – Fallen (Boka Records)
14. Wonder Remix – Voodoo People (XL Recordings)
15. Reso – Onsen (Urban Graffiti)
16. Coki Remix – Gangsters For Life (White Label)
17. Coki – All Of A Sudden (Deep Medi Musik)
18. Plastician Remix – Guilty (White Label)
19. 2562 – Walkover (Tectonic)
20. DJ Mentat – Rugged Wid’It (Beat Asylum Recordings)
21. Klashnekoff – B4U Die (Kemet Entertainment Records)
22. Kyza – Lights Out (Kemet Entertainment Records)
23. Klashnekoff – Murda (Kemet Entertainment Records)

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