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There is something brewing across our shores and believe me it ain't the French. That's old news. The Dutch are on our horizon. I came across TEK STEP a while back but when I heard their official remix of Street Fighter (in association with Track it Down) I had to investigate further. TEK STEP ended up being one of the winners out of the 3000 producers that took part in the contest.
Click for download...

Aside from the dirty grinding Dubstep, they're also into Electro and currently have a release of Mr Oizo's "Flat Beat" with a slightly deeper feel to it. Believe me this track is definitely worth the money...

Look out for future releases in 2009, there are expected to be 7 tracks hitting the download sites and record shops in the coming months. Keep your eyes and ears peeled.

Also a cheeky mixtape from them which deserves a listen...

Winter Cash Out Mixtape

Nothing to do with this post but, here is a bonus track straight from Marine Parade which has the usual easy listening Alex Metric goodness.

Under Control (Alex Metric Remix) - Adam Freeland

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