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Local boy Kid Cola from Cambridge is pretty new to the trendy dance scene but has been smashing it for the last couple of months. He's been gaining support from all the big names and blogs, as well as radio play from Kissy Sell Out and the Loose Cannons. His remixes are of well chosen originals which he then adds his fantastic energy and wobbly synths to - these are guaranteed to get the dancefloor moving. Big things for this kid!

We caught up with him for a few quick fire questions...

Where did the name Kid Cola come from?

There's no deep meaning behind it, I just think it sounds cool. Which in turn I think describes my music pretty well!

How long have you been making tunes and what software do you use?

I've been producing for just under a year now I reckon. I use Logic and Ableton Live.

You have a pretty unique sound, who has mainly influenced your style?

Loads of artists, too many to list. Every time I hear a good tune I get excited and want to make my own music.

Which other artists are you really digging at the moment/would recommend to someone new to the scene?

There's two guys from Scotland called Disco Wizards who I think are great. I'm remixing a track for them soon which I'm looking forward to. I'd tell someone new to the scene to listen to Fake Blood or Jack Beats. I always get a kick out of playing Fake Blood's 'Mars' to someone for the first time. Ha ha!

What do you do when you're not making/thinking music?

Hanging out with friends, reading etc. I'm pretty much always thinking about music in one form or another I'd say. It's definitely my obsession.

What's the scene in Cambridge like? There must be quite a demand for music with so many students around?

Well they do book some big DJs at the colleges that's for sure. I'm just starting to meet some other young producers in the area and I'm getting involved with an internet radio station, Syco Radio run by some Cambridge kids. Meeting like minded people is great.

Vinyl, CDJ or laptop when you're DJing? There's much controversy over more and more people using laptops, what are you views on this?

I'm a laptop DJ and proud! I've played out with vinyl before but I love the creative opportunities you have when using a program like Ableton Live. I often balance 3 tracks at once and create real time remixes. Thats what really excites me, pushing the boundaries of DJing and turning it more into a live performance.

That's what all laptop DJs say! But I think I kinda have to agree. Plans for the next couple of months? What song's next for the re-work and do you have any plans for original material?

I'm working on a remix for Hidden Cat from the USA at the moment. His track Superfuture is awesome, check it out! I definitely want to get some original material out there. Then again I'm not setting a date, I want my first original track to make a statement, and it'll take as long as it takes! I'm also completing a mix for the Trouble Stereo mixtape series, which should be coming out in February. Make sure to pick it up!

I'm looking forward to that original material already! On a different note... I'm quite a big fan of cola bottles, what's your favourite type of cola?

Yea cola bottles are classic munch. I liked Vanilla Coke, but then they inexplicably discontinued it in 2006. Shame.

I hear you have a new track for us. Tell us a little about it...

Yep. This is a remix of the American singer Lisa Shaw. The original was a soulful house tune produced by Miguel Migs and I turned it into something pretty different!

Can You See Him (KiD COLA Remix) - Lisa Shaw ****EXCLUSIVE****

If you haven't heard the other tracks which have been all over the blogs, I'd recommend you check them now. And also go show him some myspace lovin'.

Back Of The Van (KiD COLA Remix) - Ladyhawke
I Love London (KiD COLA Remix) - Crystal Fighters
Atomic Heels (KiD COLA Remix) - Secret Machines



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